19 Mar

Another two application get the round up treatment.

Dots-N-Lines Demo : 67%

This is a demo of the paid Dots-N-Lines application. It gives a pretty good ideas of what you will get for your money. This really is a digital version of “join the dots”. For me the puzzles a little of the long side for younger children, with around 20 dots in per puzzle. It may have been more interest to older kids say 7-10 years old. The artwork is of a good standard, but not great. The voices are recorded a little too loud, so you will either switch off or turn down. There is also an annoying mode where you have to tilt the Touchpad to move a red ball onto the next dot, this for me was slow, especially having to do it twenty times. All that said, I think some children will enjoy this application, it is also educational with the numbers and letters to guide the order of the dots. Download the app and see if you child is one of them.

Selected Sermons HD : 65%

This application is a digital version of a 1904 book “Selected Sermons of Jonathan Edwards”. Are you have probably guested by the title it is a collection of religious sermons by a peacher who lived between 1703 and 1758. I will not pass comment on the content, but if you like to read about religious matters it is worth a look. The applications is nicely designed, with lots of perferences for background colours and different font styles and sizes. Overall, the reading experience is good, but not great. There is no way to really skip easily to the middle of a chapter and you are left scroll through to find something. 

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