17 Mar

Here are two application that have been updated since our original review and have been improved.

Touch Surf : 83% (up from 78%)

Touch Surf has been improved since the original review. You now have much more control over the links and the catagories. You can now edit, add and delete links with ease. You can now remove categories you have no need for and make ones you do. I have found this useful in recent weeks as my son is doing some project work for school and has needed to bookmark several sites, I have just created a catagory in here for him. If you are looking to make surfing easy for someone, or typing to surf the web without wandering this is a good app to have. 

E Notes : Now 85% (up from 82%)

E Notes has been improved to now add even more functionality to the application. You are now able to control your notes, tags and notebooks much more easily. If you are an Evernote user the application now matching the web experience and as a stand alone application syncs and searches better in a lot of ways. If you are an Evernote user then this application really has become a must have.

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