14 Mar

Another two application get the round up treatment.

Duck, Duck, Goose : 63%

This is a touchpad version of the “Duck Duck Go” search engine, however, instead of just being a holder for the web page the developer has used their APIs (plugging into the backend of the search engine) to return results. What you end up with is an interesting mix of quick useful information or useless search engine. For example, if you search on a word your will receive its defination and useful information based on the word, what you will not get back is a full search engine result set. So search of “InternetGumshoe” you will find nothing, search on fish and you get the results in the screen grab. If you are just trying to get some useful info, then this application may be useful, if not, use the website. It would also be nice if the app searched when you pressed the enter key, rather than having to tap on the magifying glass icon.

Jazz and Blues HD : 55%

This is a very basically application. What you get is really a music stream of KJAZZ 88.1FM (Calfornia State University) radio station through the Touchpad. You have a button to play and then this toggles to a button to pause. There is a button to “listen live” but tapping this only toggles the play and pause. When I first downloaded the app the music would not play at all, so I had to close and re-open the app and it worked fine. If you love your jazz it may be worth a download.

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