12 Mar

Another two application get the round up treatment.

BMorse : 65%

This application is a nice morse code application that allows you to enter some text and convert it to morse code. Once this is done you see the code as a series of dots and dashs on the screen, however, you also have the useful option of having the application play the morse code out via the speakers. The application has a few options like changing the sound that is played in pitch etc. If you are interested in morse code then this is an interesting application.

Snake Revolutions Free : 60%

We have reviewed the full version of this application on the past and now this is the free demo for it. Generally the game shows you want you are getting in the full release. If you are poor at playing the application it will feel like the full release, however, if you play for around one minute the game will throw you out of the application and towards the browser to find out more about the full application. The demo could do with a tweak to allow you to play longer, but understandable why the developers would not wish to play the demo too long.

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