10 Mar

Here are two application that have been updated since our original review and have been improved.

Wooden Rows : 85% (up from 81%)

This application allows you to catalogue your books, games etc, so you can track what you have and even lent out. Wooden Rows has had a few issues and has been updated several times, the main one being that it originally linked to Amazon for finding its products, however, it has had to remove this option. However, the developer it a solid job on the migration assistant and for me at least 90% of the items transferred to the new system without issue. The application has managed to keep its original ease of use, and now also allows manual adding of items. It could do with some improvements in places, but generally a great ways of making an inventory of some of your items. 

toodleTasks HD : Now 87% (up from 84%)

This application was good to start with and due to the developers ongoing support of the product has continued to improve. For those who have not used it, it is a Task management tool which can be synced to the ToodleDo web service. With this application each update has not brought huge changes, but each time something is added that improves toodleTasks that little bit more. It is not easy to give your tasks tags and folders making them easier to find and filter. There are still one or two tweaks that need doing in my opinion to get it into the nineties, but I am sure that it will get there sooner rather than later.

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