09 Mar

Another two application get the round up treatment.

Coventry – 2012 Games : 56%

This application covers the Football that will be played in the UK during the 2012 Olympic Games (with a focus on Coventry). At present, as the event does not start until July the information is limited at best as most countries have not even announced their teams or if they are playing. For now it is little more than an advert for Coventry, telling them of events and festivals going on during the Olympic period. There are placeholders and event dates listed for the football, so you do get a feel for what the application will offer. Hopefully, when the Olympics are underway this application will improve in its worth.

Your First OSX App : 37%

This application really is a bit on the basic side. It contains some useful information that could get you started programming in OSX, but it is extremely limited at best. There are much better sources of information out there on the internet. The application really does feel like it was thrown together, as it allows you to scroll past the end of the text on a page, and the application gets stuck not allowing you to scroll back up, so you have to close the application down to continue reading. Overal, a pretty poor attempt at an app, but someone may find it a starting point.

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