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Flash Game Catalog is a catalogue to find flash games that work with the Touchpad releases by ScienceApps.

“Game catalog brings together a large number of flash games for the HP touchpad. Take advantage of flash technology in webOS. – “Featured Games” : access a list of flash games tested on HP touchpad by users of this application. (100+ games tested for now, number growing every weeks)”

This application is basically a catalog of Flash games that users have tested on the Touchpad and feel are playable on the Touchpad.

You probably know that there are thousands of flash games on the web, however, very few work with a touchscreen as they need input from the keyboard or mouse. Also the Touchpad flash player is sometimes laggy, especially when playing games that are fast moving.

The catalog itself is easy to browser, but at this moment very limited with only 120 games. You have options available to download the flash game, and even give it a shortcut on the menu system if you loved it.

Needless to say all this games are available on the internet, so what you are really paying for when you buy this application is for the ability to easily download and someone to do the testing for you.

When you open a game, it will load up in the standard browser window, and is not played within the application.

I tested ten games in all to give the application a fair chance. I have to say that even though they are been tested with the Touchpad I was not overally impressed, the rating of the applications seemed to be more how well they worked with the Touchpad, rather than the rating of the game.

Some of the arcade games were too laggy to play, and had issues with the browser window sliding during gameplay. Others you could use say 80% of the functionality of the game, but somethings just did not work and I could not find a way around them. I found two games that worked OK, however, they were pretty basic games to start with.

Really, if you are short on games for the Touchpad and do not want to spend a lot of money, then it may be worth getting this application to find a few hidden gems that work well. However, you may become annoyed with flash games overall and see why the platform is being dropped from mobile devices in the future.

On the upside:

  • Simple catalog to navigate.
  • It is nice you can download and get a shortcut for your favorite games.

On the downside:

  • Nothing in this application you could not really down with the browser and some tech knowhow.
  • Not even the “tested” game work 100%, you will be lucky to find the good ones.
  • You are still using the flash playing in the browser.

Overall, this is a nice resource to have if you like your flash gaming. However, in my opinion, flash has never worked well on mobile devices and the games that are showing as “tested” continue to prove this to me. There are some flash fans out there, so you will be more than happy having the application available for the few gems they may find.

Rating: 68%

Size: 2.0 MB

Price (at time of review): £0.79

Link: Flash Game Catalog – ScienceApps

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