05 Mar

Here are two application that have been updated since our original review and have been improved.

Giddy 3: Reasonably Special Edition : 79% (up from 74%)

This is platform / puzzle adventure has been out on webOS for a while now, but continues to have updates added from time to time. Since the original review the game play has been tweaked, the application auto-saves your location, so you can stop playing and come back later. Now Giddy 3 has added iCade support. If it great to see a developer adding new features to their product. Giddy 3 is a great little game and I recommend it to those who have not played it yet.

Peg Puzzle : Now 83% (up from 81%)

This application has only been out a short time, but has already been updated. There have been three new boards added to the game. These are: Produce, Out at Sea and Garden. Each one has excellent artwork that match the style of the original boards. This has immediately improved the longevity of the title. It is also a good education tool as your child learns what the items are in the pictures.

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