03 Mar

The Froggies Game is a catch and save game released by SempaiGames.

“Save the little frogs of falling in the waterhole!”

Why you need to save frogs from falling into the water, when they can swim is a little questionable, but who really cares.

The game design is simple, you have a lilly pad and you need to move it left and right to catch the frogs and other creatures who fall towards the water.

The frogs will stay on the lilly pad if they land on it, and you need to bring it close to one of the shores to get them to leap off. If you let the lilly pad get too full all the frogs leap back into the air again.

As you progress through the game, the level will advance. Each level a new element is added (up to level 9) with new frogs and creatures added to the mix. After level 9 the level continues to advance, but no new elements are added.

Lives are rapidly gained as you get the points for saving the frogs, however, each time a frog or creature is lost to the water a life is lost. Lifes can disappear very rapidly on later levels of the game.

The game is complicated by the addition of red frogs and other creatures. The red frog make the green frogs leap up in the air, so if you are not close to shore you may lose half or more of the green frogs to the water.

At some points the game turns into a tactical game letting some frogs go so you can save more falling at the other side of the screen and regaining one of the lives you lost.

Control wise, you can select from Drag (pull the pad along), Accelerometer, Tap (the pad drifts toward the tap point) and Kinder (slightly slower gameplay).

The graphics and sound are reasonable, there is no music on the menu screen. 

On the upside:

  • Fast and fun gameplay.
  • Interesting variation on the standard caugh game.

On the downside:

  • Repetitive gameplay.
  • No in-game purchase button.

Overall, this an interesting game. The game is more for younger kids, but the fast gameplay can make it entertaining for some adults too. The game is a little too repetitive to play long term, but at the lower price point it should be worth the money. Hopefully the developer will add a pause button and a few additions the game in a future update.

Rating: 73%

Size: 12.3 MB

Price (at time of review): £0.79

Link: The Froggies Game – SempaiGames


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