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Ironworm is a combat / puzzle game released by 10tons Ltd.

“SMASH YOUR ENEMIES Ironworm is the toughest and stretchiest hero this side of Skull Peaks and he is about to kick some bug butt! – Exciting worm physics – 30 increasingly challenging levels to conquer – Swarms of brutal enemies – Heavy metal attitude Ironworm is the most legendary hero of the wormkind. An epic war waged against the bugs for decades is about to culminate in a final showdown.”

This game uses the same game engine as Swingworm, and this time it is war.

Gameplay wise, you are placed in control of IronWorm, you will appear in a level that has leaves and branches to get onto. IronWorm must always have a grip on a platform with his head or tail, at which point the other end of IronWorm detached and you can move it.

As you move around the level you need to kill the enemy bugs and move to the exit lift.

The levels become more complex as things progress with new surfaces and objects to grab onto. Things like ice blocks and wooden boards to smash with you tail and things to avoid.

The levels offer a mix of gameplay, with trying to work your way to the exit and also killing all the bugs that you can on the way.

The game offers around 30 levels at this time.

Controls are done dragging the unattached end (head or tail) of Swingworm to a surface it can grip on to or waving your tail in the air to kill the enemy bugs.

The graphics and sound both very good. The heavy rock sound track may not be for everyone.

On the upside:

  • Fun gameplay.
  • Always something new added to keep the levels interesting.

On the downside:

  • Repetitive gameplay.
  • Can be hard to rotate the worm some platforms on the later levels.
  • You will be waving your tail in the air a lot trying and clear the way to move.

Overall, changing Swingworm into IronWorm is an interesting idea and it worked well on the whole. Only being able to use the tail ball for combat makes for an interesting mix of strategy and puzzle solving. Like in the original controls let it down a little, and in a combat based game it is a bit more punishing that a puzzle game. Ironworm is well worth a look, especially if you liked the idea of Swingworm but was not so keen on the puzzle solving side.

Rating: 83%

Size: 14.5 MB

Price (at time of review): £1.59

Link: Ironworm – 10tons Ltd

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