29 Feb

Another two application get the round up treatment.

Pandora Tablet : 75%*

* This one is for U.S. users only as the Pandora service is limited to U.S. at this time. * I have not been able to test this review myself, as I am based in the UK. However, one of the ex-members of the InternetGumshoe staff was able to try out the application for me while on holiday in the U.S. This application is basically give you the functionally for Pandora, but with the added advantage of being able to use it in exhibition mode and also offering control while the app is in a card view. Mark really liked it, so I have rated as 75%. U.S. touchpad owners should check it out, especially if they are already Pandora users. 

Zod Commander : 58%

This is a bit of an odd version of this classic R.T.S. game. It is an emulation running on the Touchpad. Therefore, the game menus are very small and there is a mouse pointer on-screen. The game begins with several troops already built and ready for action. I found the touch controls poor at best. Sometimes I could not even get the menu to close without stabbing the screen with my finger. I remember playing this game from a long time ago, but without instructions in-game it makes things even more difficult. If you fan of this game from the past, then you may be able to get some fun out of this game, if not, confusion and disappointment will be all you get from the game.

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