27 Feb

Another two application get the round up treatment.

Commander : 68%

This application is a basic file manager application. It gives you access to the file system on the Touchpad. Navigation is simple and clicking on the files or folders and then using the option at the base of the screen. If you double on a supported file, like an image, it will open full screen, surprisingly it does not open when you press view. For me the text is a little small, making it trickier to tap the correct folder or file. This is another solid file management app and worth a look, especially if you need to navigate deeper than the standard internal folder.

Frodo C64 for webOS : 51%

This application allows you to emulate the Commodore 64 on your Touchpad. I copied some of my old C64 files onto the Touchpad and gave them a go. The basic side of things work well enough, but I found that the emulator had issues loading most of the files I tried. One or Two worked OK, however, when I tried Paradroid it worked (a T64 file), but I found the virtual joystick hard to use and firing straight almost impossible. Even the merging to taken over other robots did not work for some reason. Add this to the fact that you need to download the software, unzip it, move it into the game folder (which you need to create) and then set up the game. Well as you can see it is probably a bit too much time and effect for most people. At the moment I would say wait if you are a C64 fan until some of the bugs are ironed out, as you may be disappointed.

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