24 Feb

Another two application get the round up treatment.

Pirate Pig : 59%

On opening you are dropped straight into the game with no instructions or menu system. The music plays for about 10 seconds and then stopped. For a minute, I though that the application had crashed, as I had not idea how the game worked and touching things on the screen did nothing. I closed the application and loaded again, the same things happened. The idea of the game is to swipe an image up, down, left and right. However, it will only work if the swipe will move that image into a row of three or more on the vertical or horizonal. Sound in the game is limited to the odd sound effect when you complete a line. The music seems to be only the 10 second click at the start when you load. The game itself is basic with no real feeling of achievement other than building up your score. The game really needs something added to make it more interesting.

My Local Vue HD : 58%

One for our UK reader. This application have a list of all the Vue cinemas in the UK. You are able to set the local cinema’s as favorites. You can then see all the movies playing there and clicking on one of these will fill the third column with the show times over the next few days. The application is very basic and somethings the third column does not display properly until you expand to the two or one column view. There is nothing here you could not get off the Vue website just as easily, and you have more features on the myvue website like trailers.

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