22 Feb

Another two application get the round up treatment.

Retune : 70%

This application allows your Touchpad to be seen as a Remote for iTunes, if it is on the same WiFi network. Being able to control your music from anywhere is great. If you have airplay speakers then you are set whichever room you are in. It is a bit of a shame the application is not as full featured as the iOS remote (which allows for playing Movies and TV etc), however, that is an official Apple application. Hopefully the developer will be able to add some additional features, but I do not know if they are locked down by Apple. If you use iTunes on your computer and do not have other iOS devices then this is a must have.

Shakespeare Passages : 50%

This application is based on an interesting idea, giving you some of the more interesting passages on Shakespeare, so you are able to quote things like “To be or not to be” in full. For those who want to look like they know Shakespeare without having to know it all. The application is limited at the moment, with less than ten passages and no search engine. Hopefully more passages will be added and will be made searchable.

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