22 Feb

Comeback Kid by Sleigh Bells is this weeks free single of the week.

This song is a fair release from iTunes.

Apple has this marked as an alterative track.

The music track I really did not get on with. The music would switch from soft to heavy as the song continued. The soft side is nice, but the heavier section especially at the start of the track really did not work for me.

The song is sung by a female singer, the lyrics are generally clear, however, the music overpowers the voice track for almost half the song.

Overall, this is fair track there were moments of the song that I liked and others that I hated. The track switching did not work for me, as the heavier part of the track was too grating from me. Bands like Creed, Evanescence and System of a Down pull this switching off well and I like these artist, but this track shows how it can be done poorly.

Rating: 50%

Price (at time of review): Free

Link: Comeback Kid – Single – Sleigh Bells

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