18 Feb

Here are two application that have been updated since our original review and have been improved.

SecuStore 2 – password manager and more : 89% (up from 83%)

This was one of the first applications I reviewed on the Touchpad. It has been installed on the device and has been a marvellous application to have. I am a big one password user on Mac and iOS, and this application is the perfect alterative for the Touchpad. Since the orginal review the application has added things like a backup Sync with Dropbox and of course the intergration with application Advanced Browser. Overall, if you want to keep track of your passwords, then you need this application. 

Fruit Catch : Now 82% (up from 78%)

Every few weeks Fruit Catch seems to get a tweak. Since the original review the game has had a total revamp in both graphics and the menu system. The only thing that has really remained the same is the fast and fun gameplay. I still want new modes to be added, but that may be me wanting too much. Overall, if you have a few minutes to kill and looking for a fast and fun game then this one remains a good choice at a reasonable price.

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