17 Feb

With our first Homebrew review coming this weekend, here is a video by the great guys at webOSroundup covering the basics.

For more information on Homebrew and how it is done, you should check out the following sites that have great Homebrew support.

  • webOSroundup – Who have an excellent Homebrew section, and they did this video.
  • webOSnation (previously – Another great homebrew source of information.

UPDATED: 18th Feb 2012

Below are some points on the video raised by one of our loyal readers,hopefully you will find them useful:
  • WebOS Quick Install is installed on your PC, not the TouchPad (that’s not totally clear on the video).
  • There’s an easier string to use to put the TouchPad into Developer Mode the first time: webos20090606
  • After putting your TouchPad into Developer Mode and connecting it to your PC, do not put the TouchPad into USB mode–when prompted, tap ‘Cancel’ (if you’re installing to a phone, tap ‘Just Charge’).
  • Instead of installing the “Launcher Tabs” webOS patch, consider installing the SubOrbital homebrew app. It allows you to add more than two additional tabs, name new tabs whatever you want, and change the order of tabs.
  • For another excellent homebrew reference (including a step-by-step guide to the whole procedure for installing Preware), consider buying the Preware Homebrew Documentation app on the App Store – it’s worth every penny, and all proceeds go to support webOS Internals, the premier homebrew development collective. It also covers installing Preware on phones. While you’re at it, consider spending another £0.79 to buy the WOSQI Homebrew Guide (by the dev of WebOS Quick Install).


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