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PDFpen is a PDF editing tool released by SmileOnMyMac, LLC.

“Winner! Macworld 2012 Best of Show, Mac Observer Editors’ Choice 2012. PDFpen, the award-winning desktop PDF editor from Smile is available for your iPad. Don’t wait to get back to your Mac to edit your important PDFs. With PDFpen, use your iPad to sign a contract, make corrections, fill out an application, make comments on a presentation and much more. It’s the mobile app that doesn’t feel like you left the important features back at the office.”

This application allows you to edit and create PDF documents directly on your iPad.

If you are out of the office and receive a PDF document that needs editing then PDFpen can be a vital tool. It will allow you to edit the document on the move, whether that is adding a signature or changing a few lines of text. You can then export the document and send it back to the other person.

PDFpen also allows you create a PDF directly from the application. I would not want to create a whole PDF from the application, but at least you could draft your idea or make a start on a project.

The application offers several options for editing the PDF such as typed text, arrows, shapes, photos. Free hand drawing is also supported, but I would not call it the greatest, you will be tapping the undo button before you get it right.

When I did my signature, I found it worked better if you zoomed in a little. The drawing tool auto rounds the lines and I could not see a way of switching it off, so the signature will not be 100% true.

There is an excellent built in help file that tells you how to use the tools in the application.

Exporting the PDF once complete is easy and has dozens of options, including support for Dropbox, Evernote and Google Docs. 

The application user interface is very good in most areas.

On the upside:

  • Nice User interface
  • Easy to add a single change to a PDF, like a signature.
  • General support for other applications.

On the downside:

  • Undoing can leave after images on the document.
  • Copy and Pasting items is not very fun.
  • Sometimes it is hard to move smaller images if they are in the wrong position.
  • I would not like to edit several areas in a large document.

Overall, this is a very good application, but still has too many annoying little issues that are keeping it from being great.  If you are moving around typed text and a signature then this application will do the job well. If you want to add shapes and writing, you may become annoyed rapidly. I am very happy that PDFpen has made it to the iPad, but feel that the application will need an update or two before it shows it true colours.

Rating: 80%

Size: 8.4 MB

Price (at time of review): £6.99

Link: PDFpen – SmileOnMyMac, LLC

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