15 Feb

Another two application get the round up treatment.

F1 Calendar 2012 HD : 66%

If you had the previous version of the application F1 Calendar 2011 HD, you know what you will be getting as this one is really more of the same. The application gives you a nice Calendar of the 2012 races and has links off the to Wikipedia pages for information on the various races and the session. This is a nice application bringing together the F1 information from Wikipedia in one place. Worth a download if you are a fan of F1, just do not expect to find anything on this application you have not seen before.

QuadWord FREE : 58%

This application is very much an advertisement for the full application, limiting you to only ten rounds of gameplay. The basic idea of the game is that you are given four letters in each corner of the screen. You have to select one letter from each corner and make a four letter word in the middle of the screen. Due to the strange design of the game it may create its own word from the four you use, even if you have laid the words out in order. This is probably to give you the maxium points. This is a good word game, and worth a look if you like your word game application. It is a little basic in the user interface etc, but a solild enough app.

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