13 Feb

The only constant in the universe is change.

We are always looking to improve InternetGumshoe to keep our readers happy, so with that in mind we are looking to make some more changes in the coming weeks.

To start with Re-Reviews will be making a return every Saturday unless there is a big new software release. In these we hope to cover applications that have really been improved by updates from the original reviews. So if you are a developer or reader who feels that the software has improved since the review let us know. We have three Touchpad titles we know have improved since the original reviews, we may even give full reviews to some of the items we covered in the free app round up that were good enough to get a proper review.

Next, we are looking into doing webOS Homebrew reviews. We have installed PreWare onto the Touchpad and all ready to do the reviews. Later this week we will link off to some of the excellent articles and videos that cover how to get up and running with the Homebrew side of things. We will make sure that you are aware that we are reviewing the Homebrew version of software. Homebrew is not for everyone, and you will need a PC/Mac to get started. We will try and make sure we only review good quality and stable software when we do review. Please do not expect support or anything from us, if you are not sure do not go the Homebrew route. We plan to run the Homebrew reviews on Sundays, but this may expand if popular.

Please let us know what you think about the changes, your feedback is always welcome. There is a contact us link if the navigation section for you to do this.

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