13 Feb

Another two application get the round up treatment, but are they any good?

Bounce! Free : 62%

This is a nice application for exploring the Dribbble website images. Making it simple to find some great artwork and images. Tap on an image to get a slightly bigger image and you will be able to see the comments the image and the number of views, likes and rebounds. This is a free version of a paid application, however, the developer has not made it clear the added benefits of the paid version. To be honest the Dribbble website is fairly good to navigate on the Touchpad, so this application does not add much to the experience. However, if you prefer using applications and Dribbble, then this is well worth a look.

InverseKinematics : 58%

This application that allows you to control a puppet with your fingers. It reminded me a lot of Turkey Puppet, another Touchpad app. It is tough to control as all your fingers need to be on screen at once. It took me several minutes to get enough practice to do any real movement that I wanted. I am sure that allowing you to use the limbs and body manually by dragging the part of the body would have been easier and more fun, especially as the abdomen of the character is set in place. You will also find yourself turning down the music fairly rapidly.

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