11 Feb

Another two application get the round up treatment, but are they any good?

My Budgets for TouchPad : 65%

This is a demo of a paid application, but is still useable and shows what the paid application can do. This version slighted limited in functionality, but still covers the basics. I had an issue when I first launched the application that I could not open the “add transaction” section, but that was fixed with closing and reopening the app. You can add one or more budgets and then add transactions from the budget so you get an idea of how much of the budget is remaining. Well worth a look of you are looking for a basic financial application for the Touchpad. Allows you to change the currency symbol, but leaves the $ sign in the “add transaction” section.

fTelnet : 57%

fTelnet gives you access to bulletin board systems (BBS) via the Touchpad. BBS systems are a little outdated now, but some people do still not use them. I have not in years, so for me it was more of a retro experience. The application works fairly well. If you close the keyboard by mistake you need to get it back by reconnecting to the BBS again via the side bar. It is a shame the side column could not be minimised in some way, as with the keyboard up the screen size is very limited. I also had an issue typing once the bbs had opened. So tweaks and this could be great for people who still like BBS, for the rest of use you may want to install to see the text version of the Star Wars intro, but will find nothing else of interest. 

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