08 Feb

podFrenzy is an application for accessing podcasts and is released by Bits Of God Software, LLC.

This application is an audio podcatcher based on the famous webOS application called drPodder.

When you first open the applications you immediately get a pop up window asking if you would like to have some technology podcasts added to get you started. Once you have decided, you are told in another pop up that the statistics are being tracked, and how to switch this off if you do not want this done.

After this you will either have a list of technology podcasts including TWiT and webOSRadio, or you will have a blank list waiting for you to add in your podcasts.

Podcasts can be added by adding the Feed URL manually, Searching PodTrapper (did not work for me) or from three podcast directories. Adding a podcast via the directory method was very simple.

There are several preferences in the application and these are worth exploring, in there you will find the option to use Landscape view as well as the default Portrait view.

User interface wise, you have the swipe to delete the podcasts, tapping on an item will drill down into another full screen view with more options available.

As far as listening options are concerned you can select to auto download items from your feed or tap to download manually. As soon as the download starts you can start to listen. There is a time line that you can slide along to skip sections, there are the standard play and pause buttons, but also buttons to fast forward or rewind either twenty seconds or one minute. All the sub menu screens have a back button to return you back up to the main podcast list.

The application will remember the place you have listened in a podcast, if you close the application.

The user interface is nice, with a simple and clean layout. If a podcast is playing when you minimise the application the player control will appear in the notification bar.

On the upside:

  • Simple User Interface.
  • Easy to add if your favorite podcasts are in the directory.
  • Downloaded podcasts are nicely controlled within app.

On the downside:

  • I would have liked an easier way to clear down feeds with large amounts of older podcasts.
  • Adding feeds via PodTrapper did not work for me at all.

Overall, this application is a great way to get podcasts onto the Touchpad. If you favorite podcast is in the Digital Podcast directory then adding a new podcast is simple, otherwise you can be digging around for URL information. The application could do with several tweaks in places, especially the PodTrapper option. Generally, it does a good job and worked well.

Rating: 77%

Size: 5.8 MB

Price (at time of review): £0.79

Link: podFrenzy – Bits of God Software, LLC

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