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Kids Poetry is a digital book of rhymes and is released by

This app is a collection of rhymes and poems for children. It contains 30 kids rhymes and poems.”

The application opens to a selection screen for the rhymes available, this shows six at a time. You scroll through the pages and tap on the one you wish to listen to. The rhyme will go full screen and you can then tap on play to have the sounds play or there is a home button to return to the menu.

There are 30 rhymes to select from, I must admit I had not heard most of these before. However, they are all of a good quality.

The artwork is generally animation in some way, such as moving eyes of the characters or the images scrolling.

This app is clearly aimed at the under fives, and as my daughter is four I gave it to her to test it. She really like it and listened to several of the rhymes more than once. She found it easy to navigate once she worked out the basics. The second time she used the application she started skipping some of the rhymes as she did not want to listen to them again.

On the upside:

  • Nice artwork.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • 30 rhymes will keep you child interested for a good while.

On the downside:

  • Lacks interaction that kids are use to in a digital book nowadays.
  • Longevity may be an issue, as the kids become bored of some of the rhymes.

Overall, this is a really nice digital book for younger kids. It is easy for them to use and navigate. The songs and rhymes and generally short and only take a minute or so to play. It lacks a little in interaction, but the animations and recordings are of a good standard. Young kids will really like this one, but I am not sure how long they will come back to it for.

Rating: 76%

Size: 18.2 MB

Price (at time of review): £0.79

Link: Kids Poetry –

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