05 Feb

Only two free Touchpad applications get the round up treatment today.

Scrabble Solver : 70%

This is one of these applications that is really useful if you are poor at scrabble, but will never really help you get better, so it just helps you to get the best possible words from the letters available. The app has several modes. The first is the solver where you enter the letters you have and it will try and come up with all the words it can make, showing all possible words in a list. The second mode is a word checker, enter the word someone has used. If it comes up red it is not valid, green and it is good. The final mode is just a screen of valid two letter words. A nice little application which is simple and doing the job it was designed to do.

London Heathrow HD : 58%

A useful application if you are interested in picking someone up from London Heathrow or travelling from the airport. This brings all the information you could want about arrival and departure times, maps of areas, where to eat etc. The application data is fine, but the app itself could do with some work. It works poorly in landscape (only half the screen is used, so you need to scroll results unnecessary) and portrait is not much better (half the screen unused). If the developer took a bit more time polishing up the application it would be worth using.

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