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Spice Invaders is a tower defence game released by Chillingo Ltd.

These scurvy space pirates are interested in just one thing…Spice. Spice Invaders puts you in control of the invading pirate force, protect them as they mine the Earth’s resources for the precious mineral, Spice. With groundbreaking online multiplayer, drop-dead gorgeous visuals, challenging and addictive gameplay, a huge amount of upgrades and outrageous weapons, Spice Pirates is the next evolution in Tower Defense. 

Spice Invaders is a cross between Field Runner gameplay wise and Jelly Defence for cuteness of character design.

The application puts you in control of the Spice Pirates, strange aliens who want to steal the spices from Earth. The earth forces will attack your base of operations, and you have to build your defences to keep them at bay. If your base is destroyed then it is game over and you will need to play the level again.

To start the game are you limited to only one tower. However, as your gain experience more towers are made unlockable and can be added into your arsenal if you can afford the spice to unlock them.

The tower are really the standard for a tower defence game, with missiles, gun turrets and tesla towers etc. Unlike other tower defences the towers can be upgraded several levels (once you are a high enough level to get them)

As you kill the enemy you will obtain cash to pay for new towers and upgrades.

There are three in-game power ups that unlock as your progress. You will have five of these, but if you use them up you will need to use spice to buy another five. The power ups freeze the enemy, give added electrical damage and a magical confusion.

There are also an Upgrade yard between the game where you can upgrade the skills of your pirate to add to ranges of weapons, reduce costs of upgrade and lots of other advances that will aid a little in game.

Wave length vary, getting longer as you progress. You can play at normal speed, X2 and X4, so you never have to wait for the next wave to begin. The game gives a nice visual guide to when waves will begin with a status bar at the time of the screen.

Controls are done by dragging the towers into set locations around the level, you can then tap of them and buttons will appear offering upgrade or sell.

The graphics and sounds in the game are good, but apart from the cute spice pirates is much like any other tower defence game.

On the Freemium side of things, there is advertisement in-game these are in the menus and out of the way most of the time, but from time to time you will get a full screen ad. I could not see a way to switch the ads off by paying. Spice is the currency of the game, it is awarded slowly through play, however, to really advance far you may need to consider making an in-app purchase for extra spice. I feel that this is pushed a little hard, as almost everything needs spice.

On the upside:

  • Well designed tower defence game.
  • Cute Spice Pirate characters.
  • Online options are solid.

On the downside:

  • Very repetitive gameplay.
  • Crashing issues – On the iPad 1, I had crashes entering the fitting room and an in-game crash.
  • Heavy push towards in-app purchases to progress past the Americas.

Overall, this is a solid tower defence game. There is nothing really original here, however, this game does take many of the best features and uses them. The big issue with the game is the in-app purchases side of things. If this was a paid app and you gained spice in game a little faster, this game would be an excellent tower defence game. However, the in-app does slow your progress a great deal and without paying cash, you are held back a little too much. If is worth a look for fans of tower defence games, you will get some fun before the in-apps kick in, and who knows, if you liked it enough you will want to put a few pounds towards the game.

Rating: 81%

Size: 77.9 MB

Price (at time of review): Freemium (With In-App Purchases)

Link: Spice Invaders – Chillingo Ltd

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