03 Feb

Only two free Touchpad applications get the round up treatment today.

Newspaper Creator Lite : 71%

This application allows you to create your own Newspaper from a Twitter feed, RSS feed or your “Read It Later” account. The application lets you set up your twitter feeds and rss feeds. There are also several feeds already set up for the BBC, Technology etc. This makes the application into a simple RSS feed reader. However, this is not the main function of the app. If you find a story of interest you can click on “Create Newspaper” and after seeing an advert, an email will open that will allow you to request a PDF of the three storys onscreen to the app developer and a few minutes after sending a PDF with the three stories appears in your inbox. It would be nicer if the PDF could be created in-app, but I supported this would be a much more complex application. I would also have liked to see the option to filter the articles you want in the PDF, for example highlight four or five and get these stories, and not a random article you were not interested in.

Saber Ultimate : 61%

This is a light saber simulator for the webOS. Really this application more for the phones, but it works perfectly well and full screen on the Touchpad. The app only works in portrait mode. You have a selection of six light sabers and seven blade colors. There are star war style music and you can even have dark vader breathing in the background. Move the Touchpad around and you heard the light saber moving etc. Fun for a while, but the Touchpad is a bit to heavy to wave around for long. If you still have a webOS phone it is worth a look.

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