01 Feb

Only two free Touchpad applications get the round up treatment today.

Clash of Mages HD Lite : 63%

Clash of Mages is like a card based Strategy game. This lite version of the game gives a fair idea of what you will see in the full application. The idea of the game is that you and your opponent both own a tower. You both have resources available to use in the defence of your tower. You select one of six cards at the base of the screen and using the required resource either attack your opponent, build other resources or defend or rebuild your own tower. I have seen this game before in several guises and this is not best I have played, but is not bad either.

Map.3D : 56%

This is an interesting application. It uses the location services to find your location on the map. As you turn and tilt the touchpad the map rotates with you. The map mine came up with was very close to my location, but still a few streets away. It is clear for the Touchpad at least the application is going to be little more than a toy, as you really need a external GPS and to download another application to get a cache of offline maps to use when out and about. Could be interesting in the years to come, but the technology just is not there on the Touchpad to make this app what it should be.

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