31 Jan

Beavers Strike Back HD is a physics puzzle game released by Starwind Games.

The time has passed since the last war against the Beavers. The Frogs have been living peacefully in their swamp … but Beavers want revenge! They will strike back and you should help them this time.”

This game is the follow up to Battle Frogging HD, but this time is Beavers attacking the Frogs rather than visa versa.

I do not think the developers would complain too much if I said this game is clearly based on Angry Birds, using many of the gameplay elements and features. The game is not a direct clone, but generally works the same.

You have a set number of beavers to complete a level. You then fire them in order out of a cannon or catapult (depending on the level) at an angle of your choice into the structures that are protecting the frogs. Destroy all the frogs and you have completed the level.

There are also three stars around the level, if anything hits these stars you are awarded them. You will need a certain number of stars to advance at the end of the 15 stages to the next area.

As you progress through the game you will other types of beavers will appear. The choice of beavers is made by the game, so if you have a favorite it may not be available on all levels.

Gameplay wise, the levels are generally fun to play, even if you fail a level you will almost always want to retry immediately. There is also replayability to collect the stars as well as doing the level.

The graphics and sound are very similar to the angry birds, with beavers instead of birds and frogs instead of pigs.

On the upside:

  • Angry Birds style action.
  • Lots of levels (currently 75 with more promised).
  • Addictive gameplay

On the downside:

  • Sometimes luck, rather than strategy or skill will help you complete a level.
  • Some of the level are tough (annoyingly soon)
  • Sometimes odd physics (blocks do not fall in the way you think they would).

Overall, if you like Angry Birds style games this is a solid and well made clone. Personally I would stick with the original versions are they are great and real deal. However, if you are on a budget or hate frogs more than pigs then this game is a good alternative and you will generally enjoy it. 

Rating: 82%

Size: 35.2 MB

Price (at time of review): £0.99

Link: Beavers Strike Back HD – Starwind Games

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