30 Jan

Only two free Touchpad applications get the round up treatment today.

DJPad Free Trial : 65%

This is an interesting DJ application. Before you can do anything you need to add a music directory onto the Touchpad and add some MP3 files into this directory. Luckily I had Gemini File Manager installed so that was simple enjoy, but you will need some file management software to use this application. Once set up you load up two of the MP3 tracks and then you can mix, raise and lower volumes, set a focus track. DJ wise, it is a little on the basic side, but I can see it being a fun application for some. Gives a good taster of what the paid app can do.

Flivr – Explore Flickr : 54%

This first time I loaded this application it had a black screen and locked up my Touchpad solid. So I rebooted the Touchpad. However, when the Touchpad rebooted I found that the application had disappeared completing from the Touchpad and the HP App Catalog said it was not installed. So I reinstalled again. It took a few seconds to get past the black screen and then I found myself looking at a gallery of random flickr images, click on one of these and you will see full screen. You can then flick left and right to move to the next photos. The photos were all of a generally good or excellent quality. You can open these files in flickr or save as wallpaper. This is not a bad app if a little basic, but the first load experience left a bad taste in the mouth.

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