28 Jan

Only two free Touchpad applications get the round up treatment today.

Make A Scene: Safari Lite : 70%

This is the second lite version of a “Make A Scene” application. As with the previous one, tt is very much a locked down version on the paid application. However, from the way they have padlocked the option is gives the user a very good idea of the addition features they will get in the paid version. Your kids will be able to make some images with the limited sticker set and background. If you let you kids play this you can expect them to soon complain about the padlocks and ask you to get the full version.

XO – Subsomic Commander (DEMO) : 68%

This application is a demo and therefore I will give it a bit of leeway in the rating. This application allows you to stream music from the web service. This means that the application has great potential in the future. At the moment, it only allows you to link into a demo account that has several audio tracks that you can try out streaming. This application really is a “proof of concept” at the moment, the user interface needs a little work, but if the final product lives up to the potential, it could be a must have application. It is worth a look, but a bit rough round the edges for now. 

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