26 Jan

Only two free Touchpad applications get the round up treatment today.

enyo API : 65%

This application is a reference manual for the Enyo APIs. So a bit of a niche market. It allows you to browse the information either by packages or by Index. The information is very useful for anyone using Enyo or have an interest in using it. This is a reference manual, so will not teach how to program Enyo. I could not help feeling the application could have used a search option. Not the most exciting application in the world, but a very good reference manual.

NooNavi HD : 58%

An interesting puzzle game, that looks very nice. You move a shape around a 3D building collecting power ups and points along the way. It can only be played in Portrait mode. Sadly this game is let down by the lack of clear instructions, what is there clears ups some questions, but leaves many more. The biggest issues with the game are the controls, you often zoom in or rotate away from play as you try to interact with the game. It is an interesting idea that needs more work.

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