24 Jan

Only two free Touchpad applications get the round up treatment today.

SuperNES : 68%

I have had this free app for a while, but not covered it. It works fine and full screen on the Touchpad, but the HP App Catalog does not list it as a Touchpad application. This application is a very solid Super NES Emulator. It can handle most roms well and once you change the skins to one of the more usable options (do not use the default) everything plays well. This app does not come with roms built in, so you will need to obtain them online, unzip and move the rom into the rom folder on the Touchpad. If you are a fan of Emulators then this is well worth a download, but for general Touchpad users it is a bit too much work. (It also opens the question of whether roms are legal or not, so I only have roms for games I still own.) 

Groupon Mobile : 65%

Living in the UK this one is not much good for me, but as there are lots of US readers of the Internetgumshoe I took a look. This is a nicely done application, that is easy to navigate. You can manually select your location or use your present location. You can navigate through the deals in your area. All the inform is there from the description, details of the offer and the locations it is available. You can also share details via sms and email. If you like Groupon, then this app is well worth having for finding deal.

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