21 Jan

Notes HD is a simple note taking tool and is released by Inglorious Apps.

The award winning Notes App for the Palm Pre is now available for the Touchpad. – Take Notes – Attach Pictures to Your Notes – Organize your Notes in Folders – Protect your Notes with a Password.”

Notes HD allows you create basic text documents on the Touchpad and it allows you to sync these to your Google Docs or SimpleNote accounts.

From a quick glance at Notes HD you will see that you can have folders to place your notes into. Simply add a note and start typing.

We have seen this before in several other applications, but Notes HD adds some more options. You can attach pictures to your note, which are even a “thumb nail” of the image in the middle column. Folders can be passworded if you want to keep any private notes secure. You can change the colours of the folders (when created), but you have to tap the colour and wait for a useful colour to appear, rather than selecting one directly.

The interface also has very useful undo and redo buttons.

When you add your document, the title will default to the first line of body text you enter, but you can click on the title at the top to rename.

The user interface is simple and clean. There are some themes, that will change the colours, but the font is not changeable.

The application allows you to email the note, but the application comes into its own with the syncing to Google Docs. For sharing your documents this can be very useful indeed.

On the upside:

  • Simple User Interface.
  • Able to organise work into folders. 
  • More than a plain text editor.

On the downside:

  • Application overwrote the first note I made when I created my second.
  • App tried to sync with a cloud when I left app, but I had not set up an account at that stage.
  • Would have liked to have seen dropbox support (or similar)

Overall, this is a very good application it is simple and does the job. It is nice to see a Touchpad app supporting Google Docs. This application has a few bugs and does not feel quite as polished as other Inglorious Apps. That said, these issues mainly came about on the first usage of the application and maybe some features had issues starting from scratch. With a tweak or two, this could be the “go to” note taking app, especially if you need more than just plain text.

Rating: 86%

Size: 5.3 MB

Price (at time of review): £3.19

Link: Notes HD – Inglorious Apps


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