20 Jan

Only two free Touchpad applications get the round up treatment today.

PwdHash HD : 64%

This application gives you a very simply way to generate passwords from more memoriable words. You enter a master password, like “password” and the application will generate a random set of characters and numbers based on the length and what is entered. I am not sure just how random this is, but as a generator it is fine. Then you can open the website from the application and use the password. Where this application falls down is it is only useful for new sites (existing passwords would need to be recreated) and also there is no storing of other information that may be needed, like a username or linked email address. 

PowFish Free TP : 62%

This is a free demo of a paid application. PowFish is a puzzle game where you move sea creatures around the screen in order to get a batch of at least four together. When you do, those creatures will disappear and more will fall from the top of the screen and fill the gaps made. This demo allows you to play the time trial version of the game. This is a simple puzzle game and nothing new. The game is for the Touchpad, but can only be playing in portrait and does not even fill the full screen (3/4 only). There are no hints when you get stuck like similar titles.

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