18 Jan

Only two free Touchpad applications get the round up treatment today, as I am fast running out of free titles.

NiceDrudgeReader3 : 68%

An interesting application that brings together several of the top news stories from around the world. So as wel as seeing stories from the Guardian and Sky news, you can also see stories from the USA and other locations. The content is a little on the random side, but is you have get behind on the news (like I did over the weekend) it is a nice quick way to catch up.

Limella : 40%

This looks to be a German based service where you can buy items that other Limella users have in the area. Using location services it can tell you to location of the item closest to you. I have to believe that this is also available in the UK as available on the HP App Store, but I could not see to find any items. The biggest issue I have with the application is every time you leave a screen or menu, the application decides to rescan your location location again, which takes around 45 seconds, which generally just makes the application too annoying to use.

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