12 Jan

Three more free Touchpad applications get the round up treatment.

Qype : 70%

A U.K. based location based “find it, review it” service. Including things like businesses, transport, sport, eat out and entertainment this site lets you know what is in your local area. There are ratings from other users and any discounts on offer, as well as the normal address and contact information. A little like a CraigsLists for the UK. The application has a nice user interface that makes it easy to filter your results and get more details on the nearby places. A little slow getting your location, but apart from that, the app works very well.

Warrior Life Counter HD : 65%

A simple application for all those people who like playing “Magic the Gathering” or “Yu-Gi-Oh” card games (it can be used for other card games with similar health systems. This application lets you set up the number of players (name them if you wish) and then track the life points they gain or lose in the game. Simple, but the app does what it sets out to do and it does it well. It also has a health tracker, so you can see the drops and raises, great for keeping an eye on the “cheater”.

Savings Calculator : 61%

Despite the naming of the application this is a lite version. However, it does all the basics you could want from a general saving calculator. You can enter how often you plan to save, the interest rate and how much your starting savings are. Then decide if you want to see how long it will take to save to a certain amount, how much you will have after a certain time period etc. The user interface could do with a little love, but apart from that a solid enough app.

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