10 Jan

Three more free Touchpad applications get the round up treatment.

eWeather and News : 67%

This is a nice application that can be used in Exhibition mode as well as being a standard application. It displays a clock (which includes the date), the weather for the next few days. You can then switch the bottom of the screen into the latest news items. There are several preference in the application when you set up for what news feeds you can see. These all come from Google News and you can select a custom search term like “webOS”, but if I had one wish from the app would be the ability to add your own RSS feeds into the app.

Twitscoop HD : 58%

This application scans tweets on Twitter and shows the words used most in larger text, like a tag cloud on websites. The application is dynamic, and the text will change sizes while it is open. Click on a word, and you will see the tweets. This looks at the word itself, rather than hash tagged words, so you can get some strange tweets appearing that are really nothing to do with the search you expected. You really pick up a lot of spam with this one, like business, boss and selling. A useful app if you want to explore Twitter without logging in.

StoreClouds : 41%

This application is flawed in several ways. It’s user interface is poor, with a floating menu bar that covers some for the categories. The search bar does not call up the keyboard. The screen lacks a back button, so you have to select “Back to Home” from the dropdown menu. So what does this do? It apparently finds web based apps, but references iPhones and iPad, even showing App Store icons. The main issue is some links are clearly broken and the web application does not open or show a website page. This app really needs some love from the developer if it is going to improve.

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