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Cave of Epokothar is a classic “Rogue” style RPG released by GroovyCats.

Cave of Epokothar is a role-playing game in the rogue-like genre. You choose a character and then explore the caves on a quest to defeat the evil demon Epokothar. In your adventures, you battle a wide variety of monsters, find new and more powerful equipment, and gain levels and skills.”

When you start the game you are offered four character to select from. A ranger, dwarf, halfling and human. I preferred the dwarf as it often had more hit points and 3 hand axes, which are good for throwing.

The game itself has the look and feel of a Rogue game. With a mini map, basic graphics and a cut down RPG rule system. There appears to be no magic in this game which is a bit of a shame. You navigate the dungeon by tapping the direction you wish to travel.

Combat is done with you moving into the monsters for close combat and clicking on the monsters at range to trigger a mini menu that allows you to throw or fire weapons at them. You can even throw your melee weapon, which will leave you to attack the monster with your bare hands unless you have another weapon to wield.

The adventure side of things is completely random, so you should never get two games being the same. This can be a good thing at times, but can mean you sometimes encounter three or four monsters coming down corridors at you moments after starting to explore.

The game does suffer from slow down at times, especially when you are trying to go back through several empty rooms and you will often see the inventory appear at the end of the movement, even though you did not press anything to trigger it.

The graphics and sound are both functional, just like the original style of game it is based on.

On the upside:

  • Some old fashion fun.
  • Endless hours of gameplay.
  • No too games the same.

On the downside:

  • Controls often has you tapping on the character and bring up the inventory by mistake.
  • I managed to get stuck once and even searching the walls several times I could not find a way out.
  • Game can seem laggy at times.
  • I would have preferred some save and load options, but autosave is OK.

Overall, this is a nice rogue style RPG. It is well designed and works like the RPG classic. In this way it is tough and you can die suddenly, this is way I would have like a save option, but that is probably just me. If you like this style of random dungeon adventuring then you will like this one.

Rating: 78%

Size: 5.3 MB

Price (at time of review): £0.79

Link: Cave of Epokothar – GroovyCats

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