06 Jan

Three more free Touchpad applications get the round up treatment.

Grimm’s Fairy Stories (TouchPad) : 68%

This is a nice application that contains fairy tales from the brothers Grimm. There are lots of stories here and you have the option to change font sizes etc. The reader is not the best, but good enough to read the story, especially as most are fairly short. There are even slider puzzles in the game on some of the artwork. There is “in-app” advertisement, but it is small and out of the way.

😉 Truth or Dare : 62%

This is a very basic Truth or Dare application. You add the number of people into the game, by entering their names. There you can start to take it in turns for Truth or Dare. You do not appear to be able to edit the questions and dares on offer. As this is an adult game there are some odd dares, but I have not seen any that are overly risky. The truths are pretty tame and generally will not have you worried answering them. This may have been a better app if you could have tailored the questions for the players.

Christmas Memory : 54%

This is a simple Christmas themed card matching game. It is very limited and nothing special. The grid is only 4 by 4, and this cannot be changes. The artwork is nice, but nothing special. If you have a young child who is missing christmas they may enjoy this one for a bit, but everyone else can safely give it a miss.

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