30 Dec

Three more free Touchpad applications get the round up treatment.

Bible for Children HD : 61%

This application contains several stories from the old and new testaments of the bible. They have been simplified for children to understand them. The artwork is fairly average, with several pages with the same image, which appears to have been drawn with a mouse on an old fashion artwork package. If you want your children to read the bible then this application may be worth a look.

Dribbzine : 56%

This application shows several pieces of high quality and interesting artwork. However, apart from scrolling through the gallery of artwork (which does not always work) you can do nothing with the application. The artwork cannot be increased to full screen for a good look and you will not be able to download the artwork.

Your First Android App : 35%

First off, why do an android themed app on webOS? The application is lacking in content and a usable user interface. The developer should have focused on learning webOS rather than looking at Android. The content can be obtained anywhere on the internet and would be more complete then the information offered here. If you scroll the content too quickly you will find it shooting off the top of the screen and you being stuck with an empty screen with nothing on it, and having to close the application as there is no way back to the menu.

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