28 Dec

Three more free Touchpad applications get the round up treatment.

LittleFox Songs HD Free : 67%

This free application contains 11 cutely animated and sung childrens songs. Most of the songs I had never heard of before, but for my young daughter that did not matter to her and she liked the application. This is not a full application and more of an advertisement for the full version, but can still be enjoyable for younger kids.

LetItSnow : 53%

An application that can also be used in exhibition mode. This is a clock app with an gingerbread man in the middle. Tap the gingerbread man, he will animate (one or two animations) and some snow flakes will fall down the screen. Basic and overall, unimpressive.

52 Pickup : 40%

A very basic application, that is really not that great. Tapping the 52 cards on the screen to collect them gets dull fast. There is no time to beat. Also sometimes the game goes a little wrong and cards are left on the screen. This app is also advert filled and really feels like a way to make you look at the screen and see the apps, or maybe tap on them by accident while collecting the cards?

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