27 Dec

Drop the Freemium design and give use quality titles, we do not mind paying for them, just not too much.

Please developers, when planning your software development in 2012 do not think about the in-app purchases, think about the game you are making.

In 2011, we have seen dozens of Freemium titles, on only a few have been worth making in-app purchases for.

It seems that all the developers want to do is maximise the possibility of getting more than 69p for their application, and they are willing to do anything to get that extra cash including compromising the game.

I have nothing against good in-app purchases that bring good extra content. In extra 100 levels or a new campaign for a small in-app purchase are great.

Developers need to get out of the mind set that their apps can only sell for £0.69 or Free. Several companies sell their applications for £1.99 and have been making money hand over fist for the last few years.

If an application is below £2 people will buy it, they may consider it for a moment, but believe me, if it has several good reviews (on sites like InternetGumshoe or on iTunes), then the game will sell.

There will be a push back against Freemium, and the cost up model in 2012, so it is better that your development team are not on the receiving end of this. Just make quality applications and the public will be willing to pay for it.

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