24 Dec

Three more free Touchpad applications get the round up treatment.

Billboard : 66%

This is a very simple application. Tap the screen anywhere, get a box to enter some text and then tap anywhere on the screen again and the text appears on the screen. Depending on the amount of text typed in controls the size of the text. Type “NO” and it is big, Type “Hi, how are you my friend?” and the text is much smaller as it fits to the screen. The UI could have been easier, putting the text on screen when you press return on the keyboard, but there you go.

Sweepr HD : 58%

Allows helps with managing sweepstakes, giveaways, contests etc. You track the dates and if they are repeating. The only issue that I had with this one is that a URL is needed to save the entry, and you may not want to track something that is not online. It is a little basic, but does the job.

LowDef Invaders : 53%

A remake of the classic Space Invader game. It looks right, but for something so basic it has issues. The ship is moved by underly sensitive tilt not a virtual joystick or buttons. The sound effects are too loud and grating. If the controls had been better this would have scored higher, but with tilt controls this just does not work.

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