22 Dec

Frobbles is an interactive book with games and activities and is published by Top That!.

“Join little characters learning BIG lessons about growing up in this positive attitude app for preschoolers! Packed with interactive features, animated stories, celebrity narration and a whole host of fun characters, The Froobles app is an essential download for your child’s digital library.”

This application currently offers four books tin the library, the first book is Free and the others can be purchased for £2.99. Froobles reminded me a little of Disney’s Read-Along books, which is not a bad thing as they have generally been good application.

Each of the books offer several interactive options. You can select an animated cartoon, the e-book, make a “movie”, painting and six games.

This book / cartoon is nicely done with a nice animated story or a story book you read to your child. it is a nice story which lasts around five or so minutes. It is nicely read by Johnny Vaughan.

The make a movie, basically is a sticker book with limited stickers and backgrounds and then you can record your voice over it. A bit basic, but may get improved on over time.

Painting is your usual drawing book with some of the backgrounds etc available.

The six games are really from pre-school children doing matching games and spellings.

My daughter who is four loved the book and has played with it several times, my son who is almost eight liked it, but the activities were a bit too young for him to really enjoy.

On the upside:

  • Universal for iPad and iPhone.
  • Nicely drawn and some nice use of animation.
  • Looks of things to see and do.

On the downside:

  • Lacks a little interaction of the book side of things.
  • I did have the app crash on me a few times in the inactive games.

Overall, this is a very nice interactive application. You are not just getting an e-book you are getting a cartoon, colouring book and pre-shool games. It is well worth the download for the free book alone. If you child love the free book then you may spend the £2.99 on the other books available. It is a considered purchase as the e-books are also available on the iBook Store for £1.49 each, so if your kids like the books and no to keen on the activities it may be worth picking them up on iBooks instead.

Rating: 80%

Size: 99.4 MB

Price (at time of review): Free (With in-app purchases for additional books)

Link: Froobles – Top That!


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