22 Dec

Three more free Touchpad applications get the round up treatment.

Meeting Cost : 65%

This applications allows you to track how much a meeting is costing your business. It tracks the Participants, Average Salary and a fixed cost for the meeting. This need adds to the cost of the meeting as it progress. You are also able to change the currency symbol, the default is $. The user interface need a little work, but it is not too bad. Useful if you want to show your team what a waste of money some meetings can be.

ebookers Explorer : 63%

Search on the country and activity and the application will search Blogs, Ebooker, Flicker and YouTube for hotels in the country and the things you may be able to find near these locations. It will then make a magazine based on your selections. The information is a bit of a mixed. You may get a photo or information that is miles away from the hotels on offer. I found one of the blogs listed offered information about an area over 150 miles from hotels on offer.

The Pursuit of God HD : 59%

I nicely put together ebook containing “The Pursuit of God” ebook. The e-book reader software is a little on the limited side, with no way to change the colour of the pages/text, which is white letters on a black background (not my favorite). Also there is no way to bookmark where you are in a middle of a chapter. If you are a Christian and looking for an e-book it may be worth a download. 

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