20 Dec

With no new free apps today, we check out three older free applications today.

MANGO : 69%

An international shopping application. Nicely designed and easy to browse. There are nice images and the items and options available (link colour) on several. Works in both Portrait and Landscape equally as well. Needs location services, but only uses it for your nearest store location, not to determine which location you are in, so each time you log in you need to tell the app your location. Depending on your WiFi location can be well out. If you are an online shopper then this application is well worth a look.

HUKD webOS : 68%

This is basically an application holder for Hot UK Deals website. It has added a nice slider so you can filter out all but the hotest of deals. A good way to find a deal if you are based in the U.K. A nice way to make a website even more useful. If you are a fan of Hot UK Deals you should be using this app.

St4rs : 55%

This application gives you a scrolling star field and a clock, which is available to run within the app or in exhibition mode. There are no options for anything. Pretty, but I had the larger stars lock in position the first time I opened the app.

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