19 Dec

Blobster is a christmas gooey adventure released by Chillingo Ltd.

It’s the festive season in Blobtopia and everyone is having fun. Everyone except Blobzilla, that is. Blobzilla has put the holiday cheer on ice by stealing all the presents and scattering them throughout Blobtopia. Now it’s up to everyone’s favorite blob to get them back!”

Blobster is back in this Christmas make over to the original Blobster game. It does not have a Blobster 2 feel, more of an extension to the original game, so is that a good or a bad thing.

This game is simple in design. You need to navigate your way through a platform level to exit by a pipe on the far side. On the way you will find power-ups that can help you grow (to jump higher) and things like shields and rubber rings (so you are not killed immediately by water). The levels are populated with the usual enemy creatures and pitfalls to avoid.

The ability to grow and the power-ups add to the game greatly and can switch the ways which you can complete the level.

The game has about 30 levels to play through, so will take a while complete.

The game is control by touching the left and right of the screen to move and then you jump, by holding blobster and pulling in the opposite direction you wish to jump in.

Blobster is cute and the game has a nice cartoon feel, the christmas graphics do feel like more than the standard reskin of the graphics. The sound effects and music as both well done.

On the upside:

  • Cute game.
  • Interesting power ups.

On the downside:

  • Controls do take a little time to get use to.
  • Could have just as easily have been an add on to the original Blobster.
  • Sudden death after playing a level for three or four minutes can be annoying.

Overall, this is a great game. I liked the original Blobster and this is really more of the same. There have been some general improvements across the board in game play and so despite being a christmas tie-in is still a complete game. It does feel a bit like an advert for the original title, but real is a companion app. If you like Blobster this is well worth getting if you want more of the same, if you have not tried Bloster yet get his version as it is well worth the download for 69p.

Rating: 86%

Size: 18.9 MB

Price (at time of review): £0.69

Link: Blobster Christmas – Chillingo Ltd

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