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Fruit Tumble is a puzzle action game released by

Let’s get ready to tumble… Put your color combining skills to the test in this bright and colorful match-three game. Put the fruit in matching groups of three or more to knock them off the vine. Match more than three, or engineer combos for a points boost that could make the difference in getting all of the elusive three stars.

Firstly, I have to say that I am amazed that Clickgamer is releasing this game within days of releasing Sparky vs. Glutters. The games are both variations on Luxor / Zuma. Fruit Tumble has a slightly more unique game play, but it does seem odd.

Gameplay wise, you need to need to match the colour fruit to make them disappear from the line before they are eaten by the large bird at the end. This is done by several monkeys that hang from branches around the level. Each monkey has a random fruit that is one the line.

You can put the monkeys almost everywhere with their amazingly stretchy tails. You can even swing them below the top line of fruit. 

Unlike other games of this type, power ups take a long while to gain (15 levels in, in-app purchase or crystal online gift). Even then the power ups are rare with only a few appearing each level (the more you unlock, the more they appear).

As the game progresses more monkeys are added and the game play is mixed up a little, with fruit jugglers (which can be tapped to change the fruit in their hands) etc.

There are over forty five levels on offer here and it looks like more could be added in future. So wil take a while to complete. Some bonus levels are unlocked as your progress as well.

The game is controlled by dragging the monkeys who have the various types of fruits to the fruits coming down the line.

The graphics and sound are very good. The monkey and bird characters are cute.

On the upside:

  • Bright and Colourful
  • Fun gameplay.

On the downside:

  • Not the most original game.
  • Lack of power ups in the early stages of the game.

Overall, this is fun game to play, but lacks some of the excitement until the later levels of the game. It is a shame that more power ups are not available earlier in the game, but then you may not make the 69p in-app purchase for them (a poor game play idea in my opinion). How, are you progress the game unlocks and becomes more interesting. If you are willing to progress through the “duller” first levels then you will enjoy the game that unlocks without spending the extra cash.

Rating: 79%

Size: 18.1 MB

Price (at time of review): £0.69

Link: Fruit Tumble –

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