16 Dec

Three more free Touchpad applications get the round up treatment.

3D-Tetris : 69%

This is an interesting version of Tetris. It is not great to play, as you do not have the amount of control that you would like in such a game. Simply moving the block left and right can be trickier than it should be. Once you are use to the controls they do work and you can have some Tetris fun, but not as much as the real Tetris game.

CryptoHelper : 65%

This application helps you to encrypt and decrypt sentences, by trying to help you work out the frequency a letter appears. You can try letters lock them into place or swap them out. A useful little tool, but very much for a niche market.

Bandit Rocks! : 56%

This is an online radio station and the player is very basic indeed. It is a heavy rock station by the looks of things, so therefore not everyones cup of tea. If you like european rock bands like Rammstein then it may be worth a download for you.

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